When we’re on the same page even when we’re far apart

When contemplating a $15.00 purchase

  • 10-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money
  • 15-year-old me: Kickass, that's so cheap
  • 20-year-old me: Wow idk that's a lot of money


No beginning. No end. “Knot” ring”

People always say that long distance relationships never work out. They automatically assume that when a high school boyfriend goes away to college a few hours away or a girlfriend studies abroad for a semester or two that the relationship is destined for failure. But how the fuck do they know what these two people are feeling for each other? What if they love each other more than they love anyone or anything else in the world? What if they have absolute trust in each other? What if they feel that the other person is the only person they can ever picture marrying and having their kids? What if, miles and miles away, they still spend every minute of the day thinking about the other person, texting them, skyping, or even writing them letters? What if they make each other’s worlds make sense? How could someone assume a relationship like that, no matter what the distance, is doomed for failure? Yes, a good percentage of long distance relationships don’t work. But a relationship like that, I think a relationship like that is strong enough to overcome distance, because it’s worth it.

“am i hungry or am i bored”

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i hate when people ask “who you tryna look good for?!” bitch myself bye

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